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Power Stopô Archery Targets
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American Excelsior's banded 2 bale target is designed to provide a 34" x 32" face with 18" of highly compressed Excelsior for stopping power...Even for penetrating carbon arrows. 

High Compression

  • Stops like no other target*
  • Choice of three target bale sizes       
    Standard 2 bale banded target
  • Optional 3 bale banded target
  • Single balePowerStop2bales


Heavy Construction

  • Deters theft if left outdoors year-round


All Around Use

  • Great for commercial ranges
  • Club ranges
  • Backyard use

Fiber Expansion
Remember Excelsior fibers can be dampened after long use, which causes the fibers to expand and bring the unit back to its original strength.

*Not for use with broadhead arrowsPowerStop3bales

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