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molded_1To meet customer demands for higher performance and uniqueness in finished products, American Excelsior has expanded our flexible foam capabilities to include a wide variety of molding and laminating equipment.

While most companies are focused on only one type of flexible foam production, American Excelsior has entered the molded business with the same attitude that the company has built its business on: Provide the best product for the application. One foam cannot meet all the applications in packaging, furniture, recreational, automotive and industrial. For those applications where a "green" product is required, American Excelsior offers a line of bio-based foams marketed as Earth-CellTM.

So, over the past few years, American Excelsior has added production equipment to mold flexible urethanes, cross-link polyethylene and flame-laminate these products to other components. The result? Each has very unique performance characteristics, and this new family of products will allow our operations to expand on the concept of designing the right product for the application.

Our new custom molding equipment has been touted as being the most state-of-the-art equipment in the country. A typical project will find our employees taking the concept to reality with our customers. You will find this type of foam used in many commercial, marine and recreational seating applications, as well as many novelty type products. Pouring_Head

As well, our molded cross-link production has expanded into other company-owned locations and continues to find its way into such applications as football helmets, custom cases, protection pads for athletes, water sport boards, medical braces and many, many other uses.

When we expanded our production capabilities to include the molding of flexible polyurethane foam, it filled the last remaining gap in our objective to fulfill our customers’ needs. The concept of being able to mold a firm but flexible foam product is very unique, and our customers are learning more about its valuable properties. Today, the uses are focused on seating applications and you find it widely used to provide comfort in commerical seating, novelty uses, medical pads, recreational seating and many other applications. Molding_Line

American Excelsior continues to position ourselves as the leader in flexible cushioning products. Our strong, successful background and our devotion to these products are demonstrated everyday to those we serve.

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