Flexible Foam

The Flexible Foam Division specializes in the custom fabrication and molding of a wide variety of flexible foams where comfort or protection is needed. Applications can be found in: Packaging, Medical, Marine, Automotive, Recreational, Industrial
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Erosion Control

The Earth Science Division (ESD) manufactures a wide variety of erosion and sediment control products designed to reduce soil erosion and sediment loss during construction.
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Wood Fibers

The Wood Fiber Division produces a wide variety of biodegradable engineered wood fibers which are used in many applications including: Packaging, Archery Targets, Evaporative Cooling Pads, Poultry Pads, Filtration, Gift Baskets, Display, Floral Arrangements, Animal Bedding
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Time-Honored Solutions Coupled with a Nationwide Presence 

American Excelsior has thrived as a leader in the flexible foam, erosion control, and excelsior wood fiber industries.

With 9 locations and multiple manufacturing plants, American Excelsior offers complete lines of protective packaging, flexible foam cushioning, erosion and sediment control, evaporative cooling, stranded wood fibers and other specialty product lines to serve a variety of industries.

Excelsior Manufacturer
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